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People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Member of Parliament (MP), Deborah Backer, is currently making attempts to commence defending herself against charges currently before the Parliamentary Committee of Privileges that she is guilty of contempt of the National Assembly for making offensive statements about the disciplined forces of Guyana.To this end,Cheap Jerseys, Backer has tabled a motion which is due to be debated on Monday, in which she is seeking leave from the House to question through her legal counsel, the mover of the motion which had referred her to the Committee of Privileges, Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh.Contrary to an erroneous report carried in a section of the media, such leave has not yet been granted.During the October 22 sitting of the National Assembly, Minister Singh moved a motion which sought the referral of Backer before the Committee of Privileges under Standing Order 32 of the National Assembly.The matter arose from the debate of a motion at the October 15 sitting, tabled by Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, which sought to deploy 90 ranks from the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) to provide security support to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), held in November.In her argument, Backer questioned whether Guyanese soldiers were going to Trinidad and Tobago “to torture people”.In agreeing to refer Backer to the Committee of Privileges on charges of contempt of the National Assembly, members of the Government’s side have expressed the view that her offensive statement casts aspersions on the thousands of hardworking young Guyanese men and women who serve with distinction in the Disciplined Forces and their families and, by extension, is an affront to the Guyanese people.When the National Assembly considered the motion to refer Backer to the Committee of Privileges, Speaker of the National Assembly Ralph Ramkarran ruled in favour of proceeding with a motion which signaled unanimous disapproval of the said statement purportedly made by Backer.At that time, the Speaker also made a pronouncement that a prima facie case had been established against Backer, clearing the way for the matter to be taken before the Committee of Privileges.Earlier last year, 66 GDF ranks as well as 31 ranks from the GPF were deployed to Trinidad and Tobago for the Fifth Summit of The Americas. During this deployment Director of Security for the Summit, Trinidadian Lt. Colonel Kenrick Maharaj was quoted as describing Guyana ’s support as invaluable.

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‘There are many ways,’ he answered, sinking his voice to a whisper, and nodding his grizzled head as one who talks upon what has cost him much time and thought. ‘There is scuttling.’
‘Aye, lad! When I was quartermaster of the galley Providence in the second Dutch war, we were caught betwixt a lee shore and Van Tromp’s squadron, so that after fighting until our sticks were shot away and our scuppers were arun with blood, we were carried by boarding and sent as prisoners to the Texel. We were stowed away in irons in the afterhold, amongst the bilge water and the rats, with hatches battened down and guards atop, but even then they could not keep us, for the irons got adrift, and Will Adams, the carpenter’s mate, picked a hole in the seams so that the vessel nearly foundered, and in the confusion we fell upon the prize crew, and, using our fetters as cudgels, regained possession of the vessel. But you smile, as though there were little hopes from Maillot Barcelone any such plan!’
‘If this wool-house were the galley Providence and Taunton Vladislav Namestnikov Tröjor Deane were the Bay of Biscay, it might be attempted,’ I said.
‘I have indeed got out o’ the channel,’ he answered, with a wrinkled brow. ‘There is, however, another most excellent plan which I New England Revolution Dresy have conceived, which is to blow up the building.’
‘To blow it up!’ I cried.
‘Aye! A brace of kegs and a slow match would do it any dark night. Then where would be these walls which now shut ye Maillot Stade Rennais in?’
‘Where would be the folk that are now inside them!’ I asked. ‘Would you not blow them up as well?’
‘Plague take it, I had forgot that,’ cried Chapecoense Dresy Solomon. ‘Nay, then, I leave it with you. What have you Vancouver Whitecaps to propose? Do but Kurtka Woolrich Damskie Parka Blizzard give your sailing orders, and, with or without a consort, you will find that Andrew Shaw Tröja I will steer by them as long as this old hulk can answer to her helm.’
‘Then my advice is, my dear old friend,’ said Joel Ward Tröjor I, ‘that you leave matters to take their course, and hie back to Havant with a message from me to those who know me, telling them to be of good cheer, and to hope for the best. Montreal Canadiens Customized Neither you nor any other man can help me now, for I have thrown in my lot with these poor folk, and I would not leave them if I could. Do what you can to cheer my mother’s heart, and commend me to Zachary Palmer. Your visit hath been a joy to me, and your return will be the same to them. You can serve me better so than by biding here.’
‘Sink me if I Maillot Argentine like going back without a blow struck,’ he growled. ‘Yet if it is your will there is an end of the matter. Tell me, lad. Has that lank-sparred, slab-sided, herring-gutted friend of yours played you false? for if he has, by the eternal, old as I am, my hanger shall scrape acquaintance with the longshore tuck which hangs at his girdle. I know where he hath laid himself up, moored stem and stern, all snug Kurtka Peuterey Kobiety Climarron and shipshape, waiting for the turn of the tide.’
‘What, Saxon!’ I cried. ‘Do you indeed know where he is? For God’s sake speak low, for it would mean a commission and flinks: